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Lily Bouquets and Arrangements

Lily Bouquets and Arrangements

Lilies are one of the most popular types of flowers. They are as beautiful as they are fragrant.

The Meaning of Lilies: What Do Lilies Represent?

Elegant and artful, lilies have various meanings depending on their hue and type. A few meanings of lilies are:

White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue

Orange tiger lilies convey pride and confidence

Stargazer lilies mean wealth and prosperity

What Flowers Go with LIlies in a Bouquet?

Lilies are very popular in bouquets and pair beautifully with many types of flowers due to the variety of colors available. Many times, you will see roses and lilies paired together to make an elegant and dramatic bouquet for a loved one. For a softer look, lilies go beautifully with carnations and chrysanthemums. Lastly, for an exotic style bouquet, lilies can be arranged with hydrangeas and orchids for a perfect pop of texture and color.

How to Care for Your Lilies Delivery

While there a many different lilies, all are beautiful and all deserve delicate care. There are certain tips on how to care for a fresh cut lily bouquet but once you follow them, they will blossom beautifully. Your flowers will always be hand-arranged and hand-delivered, ready to be enjoyed by all. And if you want to send a last-minute gift, we have same-day delivery available.