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Pride Flowers & Gifts

Celebrate Pride Month with fresh flowers! Send colorful bouquets or lush plants in unique and fun containers to show your pride.


Your perfect chance to join in with the colourful LGBTQ+ community and spread more love, light, understanding, and acceptance.

The vibrant creativity around the world this time of year is a joy to behold, and a beautiful way to celebrate and symbolise diversity and inclusion. Over the years it's been extremely fulfilling to witness flowers becoming a hugely popular way to help express Pride Month.

Flowers were first linked with the riots in 1970. Demonstrators carried blooms with them when they marched through Greenwich Village in solidarity, on the anniversary of the original riots. They wanted people to be able to go to places where they could be open about their sexual orientation.

This event is regarded as the FIRST EVER PRIDE MARCH.

As flower design professionals, we love the fact that our passion is associated with such a historic occasion.