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There is nothing more romantic than red roses and at LuLu Florist in Bethesda, MD, we have all types of romantic bouquets to choose from. Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, select roses in white, pink or yellow to make someone smile!

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There is no better way to convey the emotions of the heart than to send a bouquet of beautiful roses! When it comes to flowers, the rose reigns supreme. With elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, roses are one of the most famous and beloved of all blooms. With a variety of color options and different meanings for every rose color, this classic bouquet of flowers is always a good choice.

What is the Meaning Behind Different Color Roses?

What color roses should you send? That depends on the message you want to convey. Here are some common meanings behind color of roses:

Red roses help express your passion and are a classic and enduring symbol of romantic love.

Yellow roses are the ideal choice to brighten a friends day because they convey joy and friendship, making for the perfect birthday flower arrangement.

Pink roses always please as they mean grace and admiration. They make great thinking of you flowers and are perfect for a new mother, a dear sister, or a daughter.

White roses are a popular bloom for brides and represent innocence and loyalty. They are the perfect Anniversary bouquet!